Monday, June 25, 2007

Story time

Story time kids there once was an author named Willie and he had a blog the end. Yeah right that's just how it begins but I do need your help guys because without readers making a blog and being an author pretty much sucks on ice. So I want you yes you reading this right know don't play dumb cause from where i'm at right now I can't tell if your playing or just stupid. I need you to tell me how I could make this blog better and also I writing a story right now. The story has to do with a hero and the has the power of a angel and a demon and I need your help on it. I want you to tell me how I could make the story more action packed I already have him fighting criminals, demons, Cerberus. It's not as easy as it seems though and I know it's childish (which is stupid because I'm only 13) but if you write a comment I'll be your best friend.

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