Monday, June 25, 2007


Time to take something very important the environment. Our planet is dying slowly folks and you know why because we're polluting it. Some of freakin' morons are thinking it's not that bad Willie well if I find you saying that it will be bad for you. If you say "it's not that bad" to me I will slap you across the face. In ten years when your sleeping on a pile of trash you'll think it's that bad. People don't even notice when there polluting any more there throwing trash on the ground like there no tomorrow and if they keep messing up our planet there will be no tomorrow. It's gotten so bad that I a thirteen year old boy has had to get involved. All I am asking for is a little help here, my fellow teens start recycling at home and if your school doesn't already recycle talk to the principal about it. If your really invested in it go do some community service and pick up some trash ask your teachers about it and they'll try to help you. Together we can not only save this planet but also make it better! :]

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