Tuesday, June 26, 2007

saying goodbye to friends

All you people who are sad about losing a friend I feel for you. Whether your friend has moved on to the afterlife or just moving away it's sad. One of my best friends moved away when I was eight and we had had known each other since we were four. He lived in Jamaica for three years luckily for me he moved back. But for some of you that's not always the case I am sorry if this is stirring up any painful memories. If your friend is just moving away swap phone numbers and cells (if you have them). If your friend has past there is nothing I can really tell you that can heal your suffering. All you can do is morn and find comfort that you still have family and other friends that love you. Their is nothing as painful as losing your best friend or someone that you love. I have found a music video and though it won't make you laugh or forget the pain it will let you know your not alone.

Crazy kids

I know how it is to be a crazy kids I personally hate the idea of ageist (that's what I call it when someone older thinks they can do something better or be smarter because they're old (notice how I didn't put older just old) ). But that makes kids try to one up the adults because none of them are saying "I believe you can do anything" adults are just saying "your to little to do this" which makes kids and teens want to do it m0re. They do things like fight in the street and beating up hobos (oh yeah I've heard oh it). That kind of ageist thinking makes us try to speed on the freeways when were only 15 and don't have licenses all because adults are being "truth tellers" and not lying to their kids. SO what if we know your child won't be the smartest in the world or destroy the black holes that are getting closer to Earth doesn't mean you should tell him that. Okay not all the adults are bad some of those teenagers are just stupid and want to drink then decided "it's my car man I gonna drive". So there are two things you guys should learn parents lie, lie like heck and kids don't by each other drinks!


Well I knew this was coming I have to tell you what side I'm on when it comes to immigration. I don't want anyone sending me angry letters or anything and I'm not going to change the way I feel. I think people who hate Mexicans for coming over the borders are slightly kind of racist. There I said it you guys are RACIST because if someone else came from another country you guys wouldn't even care. In fact I saw a show about these British celebrities coming to America and people were planning parties months in advance. I don't see you guys planning a party for Manuel and his family when they come from Mexico. You don't see a batman and superman fighting over this what would that look like. Personally I think Batman's going to wipe out some kryptonite and kick some alien butt. Anyway I never see people get mad when Canadians come down from Canada and live in California. Hey man I your going to be mad at immigration don't just go after the Mexicans go after everyone until there is only Native Americans left. Then I going to be laughing like heck because I got a little Cherokee in me. Bye suckers.