Monday, June 25, 2007


Time to take something very important the environment. Our planet is dying slowly folks and you know why because we're polluting it. Some of freakin' morons are thinking it's not that bad Willie well if I find you saying that it will be bad for you. If you say "it's not that bad" to me I will slap you across the face. In ten years when your sleeping on a pile of trash you'll think it's that bad. People don't even notice when there polluting any more there throwing trash on the ground like there no tomorrow and if they keep messing up our planet there will be no tomorrow. It's gotten so bad that I a thirteen year old boy has had to get involved. All I am asking for is a little help here, my fellow teens start recycling at home and if your school doesn't already recycle talk to the principal about it. If your really invested in it go do some community service and pick up some trash ask your teachers about it and they'll try to help you. Together we can not only save this planet but also make it better! :]

Story time

Story time kids there once was an author named Willie and he had a blog the end. Yeah right that's just how it begins but I do need your help guys because without readers making a blog and being an author pretty much sucks on ice. So I want you yes you reading this right know don't play dumb cause from where i'm at right now I can't tell if your playing or just stupid. I need you to tell me how I could make this blog better and also I writing a story right now. The story has to do with a hero and the has the power of a angel and a demon and I need your help on it. I want you to tell me how I could make the story more action packed I already have him fighting criminals, demons, Cerberus. It's not as easy as it seems though and I know it's childish (which is stupid because I'm only 13) but if you write a comment I'll be your best friend.


Hero I believe many people are heroes fireman, police , rock and roll stars . But for know I want you to leave a comment on my blog about who your fav superhero is and why until then I'll just hold on.

It's me

Hey everyone my name is Willie (hooray :]) and you are know on my site and if you don't like it uyou can leave, just leave you babies (i'm just joshing ya or am I). Any way my dream is to bve an author most of you are probably thinking well stupid willie and all you saying that can kiss my cheeks (you know the one's on my butt). I'm going to probably talk about superhero's alot or something stupid which is awesome. So if you like vampire's look at this video with chris brown and we are going to start bouncing off wall to wall.